Friday, January 13, 2012

Situational Prisoners: Situational Prisoners

Situational Prisoners

Situational Prisoners

This morning, I was on a discussion with yet another behavioural scientist on an important subject matter, contemplating on an important concern, where both of us had different thoughts, but were maneouvering quiet safely in a manner that we don't hurt each other, which we often do in relationships too. In due-course of discussion, we both caught-up on a terminology "Situational Prisoners". It doesn't perhaps refer to real prisoners, but conflict between mind and heart.

A thought that arose me the whole day to have this title - "Situational Prisoners" written in a small yellow post-it note and gaze thro' makes me to think again and again as to who we all are. Are we living our dreams and aspirations truly?... or we live a life camaflouged for the rest of the world to accept us with our masks?...... Am I truly what I'm?

Often we come across folks who share with us their lifetime thoughts of what they wanted to become and how they ended-up being different from what they wanted to be. Often we also come across folks who share that this is not what I wanted to be, yet I'm forced by my extrinsic factors to do what I'm doing today. There are lots who also have shared saying that I'm unable to step-out of my current situation to live my life the way I want to. Likes and dislikes, preferences come along everybody's lives, but to what extent has there been a compromise in pursuing one's preferences?....

My Heart says "YES", but my mind says "NO". I realise that most people have a conflict between what they think thro' their heart and what runs in their mind. I've come across folks who shared with me saying that they have a "heavy-heart". It is not the volumetric weight of the organ, but the baggage which has been accumulated over a period of time, that it couldn't find a space to either manifest or ventilate. These are the "Situational Prisoners" we are referring to. When the mind and body are engaging their gears to work in-tanden with each other, how can the mind and the heart conflict between themselves?... Is there a conflict between the brain-cells and the ventricles of the heart?... Are they trying to fight with each other on who needs that special mention/importance?... When an individual allows their mind or heart to over-rule their thoughts, deeds and actions, they end-up being "Situational Prisoners". When these two components of the physiological structure of the human, engage their gears as the same as every other part of the body, they create a synchronized effort for a regular stream of workflow. Psychosomatic effects - Mind's health affecting the body, Somatopsychic effects - body's health affecting the mind do happen when "Situational Prisoners" get activated.

One cannot estimate the value proposition of HEART vs MIND.

My dear "Situational Prisoners", pls come out of your cages, spread your wings, breathe afresh, fly across and live your life, coz life is just lived once. When you are true to yourself, you will naturally be true to others. Keep smiling and fly across.....